Employee Of The Month

Rick Baker

Rick Baker - October 2017

We would like to announce Rick Baker as Employee of the Month for October. Rick was hired as our Maintenance Manager in March 2017 and was just promoted to Operations Manager this fall! ...
He has performed consistently through this time, exhibiting his excellent skills and attention to detail throughout the ranch. So many repairs, projects and modernizations on this ranch are an exhibit of his talents, including the new water wheel at the miniature golf course, the carving station in the restaurant and the new pool bathrooms, among many other improvements that are too many to list. When you come and visit today, if you find yourself looking at something new and improved, you most likely need to find Rick Baker to thank for it. Rick is a true asset to this ranch and we look forward to an enduring career for him here.


Keith Cook - March 2017

Keith Cooke has officially worked for Silver Saddle Ranch for one year this month and we are so incredibly fortunate to have him with us. Keith is an honest and dedicated Ranger. He truly could have ...
Keith Cooke has officially worked for Silver Saddle Ranch for one year this month and we are so incredibly fortunate to have him with us. Keith is an honest and dedicated Ranger. He truly could have success in his life in any field or with any company so we are incredibly happy that he chooses to spend his time here at Silver Saddle Ranch. His consistently positive attitude shines through every day. In the last several months, his professional experience as a Quality Control Inspector has been utilized as much as possible in Silver Saddles current jump into renovations and improvements across the ranch. When you come and visit us, you will definitely see Keith's skills, character and commitment to his team radiate in everything that does."

Juan Carrillo

"Papa" Juan Carrillo - February 2017

Déjà vu ? If this month’s Employee-Of-The-Month reminds you of last month’s it could be because they are family. This month’s E.O.M. is Juan Carillo, patriarch of the Carillo family which has been wrangling at the ranch for 26 years now...
Déjà vu ? If this month’s Employee-Of-The-Month reminds you of last month’s it could be because they are family. This month’ E.O.M. is Juan Carrillo, patriarch of the Carrillo family which has been wrangling at the ranch for 26 years now. While Juan oversees the stables and horses, under the supervision of his son Jose, he also has come to know, maintain and fix, almost every nook and cranny on the ranch since he started here those many years ago.

Juan has eleven children, five of whom work at the ranch. Juan and his lovely wife Angela have lived at the ranch for the past 12 years and one of Juan’s favorite pastimes is to walk with Angela around the ranch grounds. If there is a family institution at the ranch it is without a doubt the Carrillos.

Juan loves working with horses and enjoys seeing the reaction of guests at the ranch when they get on a horse for the first time. “They start all smiles. We trot and they start laughing. We go a little faster and they start shrieking…all good. Then we take pictures.”

Juan was also E.O.M back in December of 2014. Check out his profile at the bottom of this page to learn more about "Papa".

Thank you Juan. For you, your family, and all you do to make the ranch what it is. You have helped bring a lot of happiness here. Mucho Gracias.
Juan Carrillo

Jose Carrillo

Jose Carrillo - January 2017

Jose Carrillo, our wrangler supervisor, is a family fixture at Silver Saddle Ranch, he has been here for 26 years! As you can see from his picture Jose is fond of horses, very fond. When Jose isn’t caring for a horse he is probably ...
...walking guests on the horses, something he enjoys very much, he tells me. A smile comes to his face as he relates how people he gave rides to as kids 20 years ago will show up and pull out an old tattered picture of them as kids, on a horse, guided by Jose.

Jose has a special bond with animals of all kinds and loves to talk with them, a true animal whisperer. And he really does have a special relationship with animals as evidenced by the tricks he has trained a horse to do. He has trained a horse to kneel, to lay down, to dance and a show horse to prance. Ask him nicely and perhaps he’ll show you next time you’re at the ranch.

Family plays an important role in the life he shares with his wife, Gloria, and their four kids, and don’t forget his seven brothers! When I asked him how he liked to spend his off time he replied; horses, landscaping, horses, hunting, horses, swimming, camping, horses, fishing on Lake Elizabeth, and hanging with his dad. Thanks Jose, the ranch is better for having you as a part of it all these years.
Jose Carrillo

Santos Cerda

Santos Cerda - November 2016

Santos Cerda…aka the Master Of Maintenance… he’s the guy who keeps things running around the ranch, and boy, are we glad to have him when something goes down. Santos came to Cal City (been here 11 years now) by way of ...
...West LA and Lynwood. He has been working at the ranch for over four years now and loves it. He tells us he really likes the ranch environment and atmosphere, along with the fact that on a resort property like Silver Saddle, there is always something to fix!

When he has time off Santos likes spending it with his wife Rozann and his 12 year old son. Btw – he also has 6 grown daughters! When not with family he likes tinkering with his ’84 Buick Regal…fix…fix…fix..

So, I asked him about a great story of the ranch…He had brought a friend to the ranch at night time and before coming had mentioned the stories of ghosts here at the ranch. His friend was the sort who took these things to heart and so by the time they had walked around the ranch a bit (it was a dark night)… and listened to all the sounds that come off the desert at night (spooky) …and Santos had gotten him jumpy and nervous…they sat down by the club house while Santos went to get some soft drinks. Apparently, while Santos was gone his friend heard dragging footsteps and a rattling of chains from the deck around the corner. When Santos got back his friend was huddled in the corner scared out of his wits. 'Twas the ghost of Silver Saddle…come to haunt those foolhardy enough to venture the ranch grounds after dark…. Or, was it just Santos having a good laugh?

Crystal Arellano

Crystal Arellano - October 2016

Crystal came to the area from Rialto about 12 years ago and found herself joining the team at the ranch about two and a half years ago. At first it was in housekeeping that she left her mark - they are still trying to clean that mark...
...off the front door….you can still see it when the sun hits it just right… before moving on to the restaurant where she wears any number of hats, helping out wherever is needed.

When she was first in the area her sensitive side began showing through as she volunteered at the Cal City animal shelter. Then later at the ranch where she enjoys the activities and the beautiful grounds. When she isn’t enjoying the ranch her time off is split between the three passions in her life; her boyfriend Jansel, their new baby boy, and working out at the gym.

When I asked Crystal about her favorite ranch memory she thought but a moment before telling me of an afternoon not long ago when there were four cousins in a surrey bike cruising around the ranch grounds. Preoccupied with the sights they ran a stop sign and found themselves headed for a tree. The one driving, being a smart thinker, quickly bailed out of the driver’s seat leaving his cousins to run headlong into the tree. Nobody was hurt but the first cousin was soon seen being chased around the park by a group of agitated yet laughing family.

Karen Shaw

Karen Shaw - September 2016

Karen Shaw has been a familiar face around the ranch for several years now. Anyone stopping by the restaurant has likely encountered Karen assisting with...
...the F&B service there. Fact is, Karen likes it around the ranch and it shows. From the atmosphere of the ranch to the guests to her co-workers, something about the place resonates with her and she is now in her third year with us.

One of the experiences she has enjoyed most while working at the ranch was when she got to be part of the team catering a large wedding. The planning, the team effort to bring it all together and the warm feeling she had seeing it all come off beautifully were very rewarding, she says.

Karen resides in California City with her husband Paul and her four children. When asked what she did with her time off she gave a big smile and said "I have four kids, that’s what I do with my time off." Well said, Karen.

Shatari Mitchell

Shatari Mitchell - August 2016

Shatari is there to greet you in the morning. She makes sure your breakfast puts a smile on your face. She is also the winner of last month’s Comment Card Contest where she...
...came through as a favorite among members and guests alike. Her outgoing personality and positive attitude make her hard to miss, and we hope we never do.

Arriving in Lancaster from LA, Shatari has been with us for 6 years now…my, time flies…and it has been a good match for everyone. A true part of the family here, she especially likes the Christmas party for employees including the awards and appreciation.

Time off finds her bowling or enjoying family days at the movies with her kids, Shanaia and Roosevelt Jr..

Ronnie Jackson

Ronnie Jackson - July 2016

Ronnie Jackson has been with SSR&C for 5 years now and is a familiar face around the Food & Beverage areas. She came to the ranch in the usual round-about way...
...most people do, starting in Ridgecrest, moving to Montana and all the way back to California City where she landed in 2011.

Family time is shared between Mom, step-dad, nephew and sister along with her two dogs, Bobby and Charlie. When she is able to swing some quiet time Ronnie enjoys losing herself in romance novels or watching old movies, especially with Clark Gable and Doris Day.

Her favorite part of the ranch is ponds and the park like setting, especially when the white crane is in attendance. In fact her favorite story about the ranch occurred around the ponds where there was a wedding party one weekend and the groom has dressed up as Huck Finn. The whole theme was fishing and so they had fishing bait take-me gifts and even the cupcakes were “rustic oriented” …made with real bacon…. (Wow, sign me up.)

Melissa Acevedo

Melissa Acevedo - June 2016

Melissa originally was from Sun Valley but made the move to California City about 11 years ago. Surprisingly, she didn’t find Silver Saddle Ranch until 2014 when a friend...
...brought her out here, “I was surprised at the feel of it; I wouldn’t have thought that there were places like this. I just love it.

The sales department has benefited from her work there as a sales assistant and she is very happy with the position as she tells us the energy and the people she works with at the sales department really make her day fun.

When she isn’t helping sales you can find her around the restaurant as a Food & Beverage “Floater”, doing whatever is needed.

During her off time she really enjoys DIY craft projects around the home and spending time with her son “ the energizer” and her daughter, ages 6 and 8 respectively.

We really want to thank Melissa for being part of the Silver Saddle team and helping to make the ranch the magical place it is.

Deisy Escobar

Deisy Escobar - May 2016

Deisy is the happy face you see in the restaurant. She is often found helping as a waitress because she loves mingling with the owners and guests, however, she helps out just...
...about anywhere in food service she is needed. A true example of the spirit which makes Silver Saddle crew so exceptional.

Deisy has been around Silver Saddle Ranch now for two and a half years and follows in the family tradition with her two sisters, Brenda and Sandra, who also work at the ranch. What keeps her, and her family, coming around the ranch for so long? It could be the atmosphere of the ranch or, as Deisy puts it, “ It is just so green and clean, I love it here”.

When not working at the ranch she is pursuing a degree in criminal justice and immigration law. She says she has first-hand experience with her own family about how hard it can be and she hates seeing kids taking risks with their future, literally “risking everything”.

When asked about her favorite story of the ranch she had us both laughing with her response. She tells the tale of some kids riding in a surrey bike when they got stuck. The driver got out and promptly fell into some cactus, thorns and all. This set the surrey bike, with passengers, free to roll right into a pond.

…yup. That is one of the better stories from the ranch…

Michael Rose

Michael Rose - April 2016

“Mr Happy” as he is affectionately known, Michael came to California City 12 years ago from LA by way of Lancaster. He arrived at Silver Saddle Ranch in 2006 working...
...3-4 months a year. By fall of 2014 he was spending more like 8 months a year working at the ranch, but he doesn’t mind a bit. Says he loves “meeting guests and just helping out wherever I can”.

Part of what he likes about the ranch is seeing people when they arrive. “They are just so happy and relieved to get here”. Seeing them happy is part of what makes him happy.

Michael and his wife Maria, who works at the medical center in town, have 11 kids, four of them still at home. Don’t worry about Michael having his hands too full…when he gets time away he loves going lake fishing. In fact, he is pretty good at it. According to the official fish stories he has landed a 36lb one and had another one even larger break his rod! He won’t say if it was the lake at Silver Saddle….

Michael, we hope you hang around for a long time to come.

Melinda Cerda

Melinda Cerda - March 2016

Melinda Cerda…you’ve met her at the front desk but don’t let that fool you, she multitasks a lot around the ranch. Multi tasking comes easily to Melinda and...
... she really likes the opportunity to mingle and meet with people, which is a good thing for someone working at the ranch – where the multitasking aspect is similar to a yo-yo.

Speaking of yo-yo’s…Melinda’s path to Silver Saddle has had a lot of bounce to it. First she lived in LA…then she moved to California City…then she moved to Las Vegas…then back to California City…them back to Las Vegas…then back to California City… When she isn’t doing the yo-yo thing she really likes to spend time with her family, especially taking the kids shopping, talk about multitasking.

When I asked about her favorite story of the ranch she was quick to share her story of The Lady In White. You see, years ago the ranch endured a rather tragic fire which destroyed the main ranch house where the lobby and restaurant are. So the story has it that there was a lady in a white dress who perished in the fire. Those who work the graveyard shift around the ranch claim to have seen a lady in white running down the stairs of the ranch house. Other stories have her running into the bathroom and flushing the toilets….hmmmm.

Seems to me it gets a bit lonely around midnight at the ranch…

Arlene Rizo

Arlene Rizo - February 2016

Arlene came to Silver Saddle Ranch back in 2007 as Cliff’s assistant. Over the years she has done just about everything at the ranch including: HR, Front Desk, Restaurant,...
... Spa Reception, Housekeeping Supervisor, even a maintenance helper. Currently she keeps busy as a massage therapist in the Spa as well as helping out the housekeeping crew when needed.

She told us she really enjoys meeting the wide variety of people who come to the resort each week. Meeting new faces as well as getting to know members gives her a good feeling and has earned her a reputation as a real “people person”.

One of her favorite stories about the ranch comes from a day when she was doing massage and a 90 year old gentleman came in for one. He needed help with everything from getting his clothes off to getting on the table. At the end of the massage he tipped with a $2 bill. As she relates it to us while smiling “That was cute…and totally OK”.

Arlene resides in Cal City with her husband Francisco and her twin girls.

Mauricio Cazanga

Mauricio Cazanga - January 2016

Mauricio Cazanga calls Lancaster home but claims Silver Saddle Ranch is where his heart is. “I love the outdoors feeling of being at the ranch!” he says...

... A “Team Player” according to his fellow staff, Mauricio came to Silver Saddle back in February of 2015. Although he primarily spends his time helping with the Housekeeping department he can be found anywhere on the ranch assisting with just about anything which is needed, living up to his “team player” status.

Part of his happy, “can do” attitude can be attributed to his family, whom he loves spending time with. Favorite time-away trips, with his wife Valerie and daughters Scarlett and Savannah, include the family favorite, Disneyland.

When asked for his favorite story about the ranch he began with the usual ghost stories but then his eyes got sort of a distant look in them and his voice went quiet for a moment before he began to tell me about the UFOs….very interesting story but one you will need to ask him yourself… I can’t put any of it in writing.

Cassandra Freeman

Cassandra Freeman - November 2015

Cassandra came to us by way of South Carolina where she had lived for the past twelve years. In early 2015 she moved out to California City where her brother lives. Shortly...
... after her arrival here she found Silver Saddle and immediately came aboard as a massage therapist in the spa.

She tells us she sees the ranch as an oasis and loves the atmosphere and the people here. It feels like family to her and she looks forward to the weekends when she can come to work.

One of Cassandra’s favorite ways to spend time off is simply driving through the desert and relaxing into the solitude. She told us of one particular day when the drive wasn’t so relaxing; she was driving along when all of a sudden a couch came out of nowhere and smashed into her car….talk about a rush!

Cassandra resides in California City with her fiancé, three dogs and two cats.

Brianna Cazanga

Brianna Cazanga - October 2015

Brianna plays a valuable role at the ranch having experience with both the clubhouse and the sales department, where she is something of an extra right hand for both Director...
... of Sales, Rick Huebner as well as for Fabiola and handles administration, paperwork, payments and document management in general.

Originally from Lancaster she moved to Cal City back in 2009 and found the ranch in June of 2004. She says she loves the ranch’s peacefulness and lack of drama. During her time at the ranch she has developed a soft spot for “Kevin”, a big white bird which frequents the grounds. According to bird watchers who have witnessed Kevin, Kevin is “sort of a stork, but not”….sounds like he fits right in here.

I asked Brianna for her favorite ranch story and she smiled, then told me an odd one. Apparently during the 4th of July period about two years ago her whole family was at the ranch and riding around on the surrey bikes. They came across one of the guards who warned them about an unknown car which was parked up the hill. When they got back to the clubhouse they learned that an unknown fella, stark naked, had been hiking around up on the hill and then come down to the clubhouse, still naked, and was now sitting in her cousin’s boyfriends car!           

….some stories you just don’t forget.

Marco Alvaraz

Marco Alvaraz - September 2015

Marco has been around SSR almost as long as there has been a ranch. Marco arrived in California City by way of Mexico City and found the ranch over 14 years ago...
... In those 14 years he has done just about every job there is to do at the ranch including running the boathouse, handling security, helping out with housekeeping, introducing guests to skeet shooting, even a bit of sales at times.

Currently Marco switches hats between chef, bartender, pool guy and maintenance, it just depends on what is needed at the moment.

When he does get a little down time he enjoys taking his wife Kathy shopping and maybe including a romp at Disneyland too.

Kevin Coffey

Kevin Coffey - August 2015

Kevin was raised as a military brat traveling around from base to base and ending up in Japan before coming back to SoCal back in ’87. He joined the Spa as a massage...
... therapist happy for the “opportunity to help people with massage”. Interestingly, his mom used to do massage here back in the 90’s!

Speaking of family, his mom lives in California City while his daughter, in family tradition, married a navy man. Do we see the makings of a tradition here?
In his off time Kevin likes to indulge in computer repair and also likes to mix music with his in-home studio. What kind? Try Neil Young to Public Enemy, 70’s to 80’s and old Rock to Hip Hop. Nothing straight laced in that eclectic mix.

I asked Kevin for his favorite story about the area and this is what I got.

Boron and “ Walking John” – "So there was this rich guy who would appear as a bum. Dressed that way, talked that way, yes, even smelled that way. He would ask you for a favor…if you helped him out he would give you a $100 bill. Word has it he was seen a lot out around Silver Saddle Ranch….."

Leslie Cazanga

Leslie Cazanga - July 2015

Leslie is the daughter of Dianne Cazanga who also works at the ranch and was last month’s EOM. She lives in Lancaster where she graduated high school in 2014 and now...
... attends college with an eye to a degree in either sociology or psychology. When asked how she spends her time off she replies with a smile, “Homework!”.  Because of her school load you will only see Leslie at the ranch on weekends where she pitches in wherever needed.

When asked about favorite times at the ranch she recalls the evening when the Karaoke singer was so bad that she had her hand on the plug for the amp, ready to pull it, but he was pulled off stage by his friends just before she did. She then recalls another evening when there was a karaoke performer singing as she  walked by the bar, and he had a familiar voice. She peeked in and it was Tom Cruise!

Just kidding” she tells me then, with a twinkle in her eye and a grin on her face.

Dianne Cazanga

Dianne Cazanga - June 2015

A Lancaster and Cal City local, Dianne joined SSR&C in July of 2014. Like so many at the ranch Dianne handles a variety of duties including front desk and guest relations...
... When asked what she likes best about working at the ranch she immediately says “the peacefulness and the friendly guests”. Dianne gets along with everyone and is often found stepping in to help translate since she is fluent in both Spanish and English.

During her time off she likes to visit with her mom in LA and spend time just hanging with her kids. And with five kids, 19 to 32 she makes every moment with them count. Speaking of family and the ranch, she comments that “Kids just love it at the ranch, it is so safe and everyone is like family here”.

When reflecting on the ranch and her favorite things about it she has three. 1) First time guests are stunned at how green it is, 2) Tom Maney is like everyone’s grandfather , and 3) when they have opportunity to stay over they are always amazed by how quiet it is. “We can actually sleep! No sirens, nothing!

Tomo Reynolds

Tomo Reynolds - May 2015

Tomo Reynolds is the employee of the month for May! She works in our sales office typing the contracts and works hard to ensure everything is correct.  She mans the...
... gift window and does whatever she can to make sure the guests are happy.  The agents give her rave reviews and many of them have told me she should be employee of the month. 

Tomo also helps out in other areas.  She does the accounts payable, and also does the shopping for the ranch down in Palmdale or Bakersfield.  When it is busy she can sometimes be found in the kitchen helping with the dishes or helping somewhere else around the property. 

Tomo is always smiling and is the epitome of Customer Service.  Her goal is to make all the guests feel at home, happy and tries to create a desire in each guest to want to be a part of Silver Saddle Ranch & Club.  She also enjoys helping to create events and activities for the team members at Silver Saddle to have fun and bond as a team.    Thank you Tomo for all you do.

Santo Cerda

Santo Cerda - April 2015

Santo Cerda is an all around Jack of all Trades.  As a Ranger, his tasks include Security, maintenance, landscaping, delivering rollaways and pillows etc.  As...
... such one has to be a able to do many different tasks, though Santos does even more.  He has rebuilt many of our Antique Wagons, Fixed electric fixtures, worked on the vehicles, etc.  Santos does not know the word ‘No’.  You ask him to do something and he will get it done.  If he has never done it before, he will figure it out and there is not a lot he has not done. 

Santos looks a little gruff on the outside with some tattoos on his arms etc. but he is the friendliest person you can know.  He has come up with many great ideas and is very artistic.  He even built our Dinosaur at the Dino Discovery. Friendly, Dedicated, Hardworking, Team Player, artistic and smart, what more can you ask for in a Team Member.  Thank you Santos for all you do.

Rozann Garcia

Rozann Garcia - March 2015

Rozann has recently taken over as our Head Housekeeper after Arlene Rizo, her daughter, resigned to move to Rosamond.  Rozann started at Silver Saddle Ranch & Club...
... on March 20, 2011.  Since starting she has been a go getter.  Rozann is always working hard and is very dedicated to the resort.  She looks for how we can improve our operations and always looks for how we can give better service to our members. 

Rozann is a mother of 7 and cares deeply for her kids, many of whom have worked at one time or another for Silver Saddle. Her husband was her high school sweet heart. 

Rozann takes on responsibility, and is a natural leader.  She would volunteer to train the new employees and is always there to help them succeed.  She leads a great team who clean our hotel rooms, the lobby, restrooms and facilities.  She makes sure the resort is sparkling and ready for the arrival of our members and guests.

Rozann is also always available to help out in other areas when needed and can be seen in the kitchen on busy nights washing the dishes.  We truly appreciate her smile, friendly demeanor and hard work and dedication to the Ranch.  Thank you Rozann for all you do!

Fabiola Avina

Fabiola Avina - February 2015

It is with great pride that all of us here at Silver Saddle would like to spotlight our Sales Pavilion Office Manager Fabiola Avina.  Fabiola started with us in 1999 as...
... a member of our housekeeping department and within six months was promoted to the Ranch Sales Department.  Resort Manager, Cliff Reynolds says… “It was apparent to everyone that Fabi has exceptional people and organizational skills” and “Fabi is a self starter, who prides herself on problem-solving and using initiative and persistence to fulfill both office and customer needs.”

In 2007 Fabiola was again promoted to her current position of Sales Office Manager. Her administrative tasks involve managing employees, preparation of escrow documents for new transactions, notary services, and all facets of office administration. Fabiola approaches every issue with a big smile.  She has a never ending “get it done” attitude to all the tasks specific to her job.

Fabi says “I’ve always loved the Silver Saddle Ranch and all the people who work there.  Plus, it’s so exciting to work with our agents and our many wonderful owners and members. Every day is new and everyday is exciting!

Anyone talking with Fabiola is quickly aware of her sincerity, her integrity and most of all her kind and determined desire to help in anyway she can.  Silver Saddle is proud of Fabi’s ongoing employment and feels that in the future she may even have a larger role with our company.

On a personal level Fabiola and her husband David have two small children. David Jr. is 4 years old and their daughter Camila was born just two months ago. Fabi’s brother Jose is in charge of the Resorts horses and stable facilities while her father Juan and brothers Mario, and Manolo are all involved in the maintenance of the Resorts many facilities and amenities.

To Reach Fabiola… her office hours are 8am to 4pm, Thursday to Monday and her direct line is (760) 373-3361.

Maria Rosales

Maria Rosales - January 2015

“Everyone is Family Here”
When we first hired Maria Rosales in 2001, we had no idea that she & her family are longtime property owners and members of Silver Saddle Ranch & Club. ...
... Maria’s grandparents, who emigrated from the Philippines with their four daughters, first purchased property at Silver Saddle in 1986, just 5 years after the resort was established, and they still own the property. Maria’s first visit was when she was 6 years old, and they would go once or twice a year.  “I loved horseback riding the best. But we did everything – paddle boating, swimming. I remember catching tadpoles in the lake with paper cups.” Silver Saddle has added on many more amenities and activities since then, like the Adults Only Pool, Miniature Golf, Driving Range, and Dino Discovery for Kids. Maria’s new favorite hobby at the resort? “Trap & Skeet shooting, of course.”

Maria was first hired as a part-time reservationist in February of 2001, and just eight months later, she was transferred to the administration department for a full-time receptionist position.  Always ready to step up to new challenges and accept new tasks, she was quickly promoted to assistant manager.  And with a personality and a smile as big as her heart, everyone at the office, the ranch staff, and the all the real estate agents got to know her quickly.  She can be counted on to listen to and help solve all our problems. Today she is the Corporate Manager, and she still loves working on all the new projects and ideas to keep the sales team motivated and successful.

“There’s something new every time. It’s never boring, definitely challenging. Also, everyone’s family here.”

Juan Carrillo

"Papa" Juan Carrillo - December 2014

Papa Juan, as he is affectionately known by all who have ever visited the stables, has been at Silver Saddle Ranch & Club for over 20 years.  He started here in 1989...
... and continues to go strong at 75.

Being a Wrangler is second nature to Papa Juan.  He grew up taking care of horses in his hometown in Mexico. Prior to working at Silver Saddle, he worked for 26 years at a Bull Fighting Ranch in Mexico.  Always a hard worker and  dedicated to doing his best, he makes sure all our members and guests have a wonderful time on the pony and trail rides.

Papa Juan has a great smile and is always so friendly to everyone.  During the week you can find Papa Juan around the Ranch doing the landscaping.  He cares for the trees like they are his babies, making sure they get the right amount of water.  Juan says the most important things to him are taking care of the customers so they have a wonderful time at Silver Saddle, making the property look beautiful for the guests and caring for the animals. 

Juan takes his job personally and wants to feel good about the job he does.  He does not need to be told twice.  He never slows down and even those less than ½ his age have a hard time keeping up.  Even at home he cannot stop working, like the Eveready Bunny he keeps going and going working on his house and yard or that of his kid’s houses.  Just when you think he will be able to get some rest, he starts working on a new project in the neighborhood.

 Juan has been married to his beautiful bride, Angela, for 52 years and has 11 Children and 16 grand-children. During his time off, he rides his Golf Cart around to his Children’s homes so he can spend time with his grand-children.   Four of his children work at Silver Saddle with their dad, and Juan really enjoys that.  His Children who work at Silver Saddle are Jose Carrillo our Stables Supervisor, Mario Carrillo who you will find on the weekends at the Boat House, Manolo Carrillo who is now only part time as he is working full time at the Windmills and Fabiola Avina, our Sales Office Manager.  While Jose is technically his boss, Juan does not hesitate to remind Jose about areas that need to have work done.

He is very happy when the Ranch is full of members and guests and wants to have every person leave happy.  Each morning when he comes to work Papa Juan thanks God and prays for Silver Saddle’s success and again at the end of the day he thanks God for the day the Ranch has had.  Working at Silver Saddle has been his only job in the United States and while he talks of retiring soon, his son Jose does not think his father will ever retire. 

Next time you see Papa Juan, Congratulate him on being Employee of the Month.

Brenda Escobar

Brenda Escobar - November 2014

Everyone staying at Silver Saddle Ranch & Club meets Brenda at one time or another.  She is the pleasant friendly Front Desk Clerk who has checked you in or out or ...
...assisted you with other needs.  She loves meeting new people and becoming friends with long time members.  She is often complimented on the service she provides.  From when you walk in the door and she greets you to when you leave, she is there to assist our members and guests throughout their stay. 

Brenda has been with Silver Saddle since 2006.  She is one of the two right hands of the Managing Director assisting him in coordinating schedules, projects, assigning rooms etc.  Brenda will stay when you need her to, work over time and is willing to help in any area.  Brenda is is known for her strong work ethic and dedication to Silver Saddle and its members. 

Thank you Brenda for all you do for our members and Guests and Making Silver Saddle Ranch & Club a great place!